One of the greatest thrusts in modern diagnostic medicine is to recognize the uniqueness of every individual and to treat and supplement according to differences. Two areas where uniqueness has become central and paramount is the genetic profile of each individual as well as the specific way the liver of each individual detoxifies

DNA Abnormalities leading to accelerated ageing and chronic disorders

Many SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) which are recipe abnormalities in our DNA can now be identified. The added risks to an individual’s chances to develop a chronic condition or disease this way can be detected. Identifying these small abnormalities enables us to institute lifestyle changes as well as the correct individualized supplements, hormones that will prevent these genetic abnormalities from expressing themselves.

Genetic testing offered at Longiva.

Liver detoxification unique abnormalities

 It is now possible to determine in great detail , the exact way an individual’s liver detoxifies. The process in which the liver gets rid of toxins, hormones and waste in the body is called Biotransformation. Up till recently it was theoretical physiology that was not measurable. This knowledge told us everything that happens inside our cells where energy is produced in the mitochondria and toxins removed, but we could not measure or manage it. Modern technology enables us to measure all these processes and intervene with the appropriate nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes to improve cell energy optimally. In this way weight problems, inflammation, cancer tendencies, chronic tiredness, accelerated ageing and chronic disorders can be prevented and treated. Unique combinations of supplements can now be constituted by compounding pharmacies, according to the specific liver needs of every unique individual.

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