The year 2019 is nearing its end with many of us feeling drained, stressed and challenged on many an area of our lives. It has been another very demanding year for all South Africans. Many of the patients I see daily struggle with their energy and general mood with their sense of well being something few of them fool good about. There is fine line between feeling tired most of the time, uptight, struggling with sleep now and then and being on the verge of or already being into a full burnout

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7 Types of Rest You Need

Most people, when they think about rest, they have a very one-sided approach—they lounge around, don’t do anything, and think that’s what rest is. “We try it, and then when we’re still rest-deprived we think it doesn’t work.”

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The Male Menopause

Andropause ­­– The Male Menopause Andropause is a potentially lethal disorder as it may increase the risk of developing conditions like diabetes, stroke, metabolic syndrome, stroke, heart disease, frailty syndrome, and certain cancers. The onset of andropause in men...

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Why is my hair thinning and falling out?

Personalised Diagnosis & Individualised Hair Loss Treatment at Longiva Healthy Ageing Institute Our society’s fascination with hair is a long and fascinating one. Our locks are an extension of our style and identity. Our hairstyle, cut and color say something...

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Micro-needling at Longiva Will Transform Your Skin

Keen on trying micro-needling? You’re not alone, micro-needling or collagen induction therapy has successfully been used the world over to rejuvenate the skin. Needles piercing the skin at high speed might sound intense, but we can assure you the treatment is...

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What Does Self-care Look Like In 2019?

Self-care has been quite the buzz word these past few years but only very few people truly understand what it means. Quite simply put, self-care is doing what’s best for your mind and body so you can function at your optimal capacity. This seems like an obvious task –...

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Banishing Winter Skin at Longiva

There is no denying that winter can be harsh on our skin. Tightness, dullness and skin sensitivity often occurs during winter when the skin is exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations which can compromise the skin’s natural barrier. Jumping from hot to cold air,...

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HOME / POSTS / HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM = HEALTHY YOU If there’s one thing you don’t want to get this winter, it’s sick. A runny nose and even a cough can quickly turn into something more serious when our immune system tends to be weaker. While staying healthy can mean...

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The first time I walked into Longiva, I looked and felt like a pufferfish. I was overweight, and everything hurt – my knees, my ankles, everything. I was wobbling around like an old lady. Even my socks were getting too tight for me and I had to get my wedding ring cut...

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Dr Gys did an assesment and he prescribed vitamins and supplements for me, and I’ve been taking them now fo 30 days. I feel fantastic, I really do. I feel like I have the old Julie back! JULIE GRIMSHAW YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Longiva Medical Institute is an integrative...

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