Micro-needling at Longiva Will Transform Your Skin

Keen on trying micro-needling? You’re not alone, micro-needling or collagen induction therapy has successfully been used the world over to rejuvenate the skin. Needles piercing the skin at high speed might sound intense, but we can assure you the treatment is non-invasive and requires minimal to no downtime.

While many aesthetic salons are offering micro-needling, we suggest seeking out an aesthetic practice with a doctor like Longiva Healthy Ageing Institute, since salons are only allowed to administer superficial treatments. At Longiva we use the latest Dermapen 4 and with Dr. Gys either administering or overseeing the treatments, we’re allowed to treat the skin much deeper and apply treatment serums with higher and more potent active ingredients that deliver faster and better results. Another major advantage doing this procedure at Longiva is that a high potency local anaesthetic cream, which can only to be used under doctor’s supervision, is put on to the skin before the procedure. This ensures an almost pain-free treatment.

Here’s what you can expect from a micro-needling treatment at Longiva:


Visible results after only one treatment

To see the true effect of collagen induction therapy requires patience and more than one treatment. However, many of our patients call to tell us that their skin looks and feels healthier with a ‘glowier’ look already the day after the session. The immediate effect of micro-needling is improved blood flow to the skin that delivers more oxygen to the skin cells and gives it that lit from within glow. The positive effects of skin tightening, and smoothness will keep on improving over the next four weeks

Safe to use on all skin tones

It’s not always easy to find aesthetic treatments that are safe to use on everyone. Many lasers and peels are incompatible with skin tones IV to VI on the Fitzpatrick scale due to high concentrations of melanin in the skin. But at Longiva we go out of our way to find treatments and devices that are both safe and effective for all our patients. Micro-needling with the Dermapen 4 delivers unsurpassed results for all our patients that want to address scarring, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and fine lines.

Your pores and scars will shrink

Enlarged pores and acne scarring are two of the biggest skin concerns our patients have. Why? Exposed pores and scarring create visibly uneven skin which leaves our patients feeling self-conscious. Micro-needling increases healthy skin turnover and collagen production. Over time these benefits will essentially shrink pores and soften scars, so they become less visible.

Your skincare will work better

Because micro-needling improves circulation to the skin and increases cell turnover, we find that our patients return telling us that their skincare products provide better results. It’s possible that this is also because we’ve sped up the skin’s natural resurfacing mechanism, meaning there’s less dead skin through which the skincare needs to go through before it reaches healthy skin cells.


Say good-bye to all kinds of lines

Micro-needling creates controlled micro-injuries which triggers the skin’s natural skin repairing action so it can produce healthy and new collagen and elastin. Improved collagen and elastin will result in firmer skin, fewer fine lines and superficial wrinkles. But those are not the only lines we are able to treat with micro-needling. We can now also address stretch marks which are visible signs of the collagen and elastin fibres that snapped in the skin.

Longiva’s microneedling treatments with the Dermapen 4 can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other treatments as part of a total skin rejuvenation plan.

Keen to try? This month only you can book a microneedling treatment at Longiva Healthy Ageing Institute in the month of August and receive a FREE SUNSKIN UV Derm SPF 50 to the value of R180!


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